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Special Offers

If you live anywhere in our estate (Istead Rise, Northfleet) and are not too picky about the time we come to you, we can do a professional job for any car less than 20 years old for just £40 including vat during the winter months. We are anxious that all our neighbours on 'The Rise' have their AC working correctly as if not, their windscreens might not clear misting completely and the person they do not see and then might run over may be me, or my dog or even my wife. I would not like this. This very special offer is available only to our neighbours actually living on this estate.

Our normal Out of Season Offers - From November 2016 until the end of March 2017 or Anytime if you bring your vehicle to our workshop

The VW Golf from the end of 2003 and the other similar vehicles from the VAG group, the Audi A3 from mid 2003, the Seat Altea, some Leon from September 2005 and the Skoda Octavia from May 2004 use virtually identical AC components. Additionally similar models in the VW EOS, Jetta, Tiguan and Touran models use a number of identical components. Unfortunately there is often a serious problem originating in the compressors which can and often does spread to affect other components in the system. To solve this problem correctly can be a time consuming and therefore expensive operation. We know of main dealerships which are quoting well over three times the price we are able to complete this expensive repair for. The normal problem is an AC system which does not cool even though it has ample refrigerant in it. Recharging the system will not make a difference. Usually it is the compressor which has broken down internally but in doing so it very frequently leaves a trail of broken metal pieces inside around the rest of the AC pipework and components. If the compressor is simply replaced with a new one these metal fragments in the system will most likely damage the new compressor and quickly render it unuseable also. The correct solution is to examine the old compressor carefully and if there is evidence of metal filings, to remove the expansion valve and to flush this swarf from entire AC system, and then to replace the compressor, the condenser (which cannot be effectively flushed) and the drier with new components. This lengthy operation is ideally suited to an out-of-season offer where big savings are possible over the main dealership price. The components used are exactly those that would be fitted by a main dealership but do not come out of Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW box. If the compressor has broken down badly as many do then to flush the swarf out as above and to renew the compressor, condenser and drier will cost £705 including vat. If you are one of the relatively fortunate few where the compressor has simply broken down without a trail of swarf, then to replace the compressor with a new one costs £465.60 including vat. This price has reduced recently due to the huge buying power of our supplier and the slightly reduced price of the compressor. Both of these prices are for repairs done to the basic Golf Mk V, VI and VII models from November 2016 up until the end of March 2017, the other VAG models will have very similar prices, the list of VAG vehicles at the head of this paragraph is not complete, several other VAG vehicules also use the same components from about 2003 onwards. These prices include the evacuation, recharging and testing of course.

The Ford Mondeo Mk II (1996 to 2000) has an aircon system which is second to none for its simplicity and efficiency, it really is one of the best systems around. Unfortunately it also has a serious design fault on the condenser which causes it to lose the refrigerant and stop working. To restore the AC we fit a condenser from an alternative manufacturer which we feel is better than the original and does not have this design fault. During the winter and early spring the past few years we made this out of season offer and are happy to do the same again this autumn of November 2016 up until the end of March 2017. This is to supply and fit this new condenser, evacuate, recharge with refrigerant and test the system for a total cost of £165.00 including vat. This is considerably less than just the cost of the new part from the main dealer.

Once the AC stops working on these good family saloons the car will have lost a lot of its appeal and it can easily turn into an old hack. Even though the trade-in value may be very low, a small investment in a car that you know well can provide several more years of comfortable, reliable service and you should even recoup some of this cost when you finally come to trade it in.

The Mk III Mondeo (late 2000 onwards) does not have this condenser fault but some of them have another fault which results in the same thing - the AC no longer works. This time however Ford have recognised their error and have redesigned the part to overcome the previous deficiency, pricing it very reasonably. With our modest hourly rate we can supply the genuine Ford redesigned part, fit it to your Mondeo and recharge the system properly for £180.00 including vat, a noticeable saving on a Ford dealership price.

The Ford Focus 2 frequently has a problem with a condenser which leaks. For the petrol model from around 2004 onwards we can supply a new condenser made by the same manufacturer as the Ford factory, fit it with care and then recharge and test the AC system for a total of £240.00 including vat. The diesel version is slightly more costly at £260 including vat.

The range of Seat Alhambra, VW Sharan and the Ford Galaxy frequently suffer from a fault which is very often missed by garages and even most main dealerships and which ultimately results in quite serious and therefore expensive faults with the AC system. We have repaired quite large numbers of these popular cars, particularly the diesels, many of which would not have required such extensive repairs if the initial recharges had been actioned by an experienced AC specialist. If your car is suffering from poor cooling and has yet to be recharged for the first time, having it checked with a high sensitivity leak detector guided by an experienced technician may show up the primary problem. If you are unfortunate to suffer this fault we can replace the condenser and receiver drier with an OE quality replacement, evacuate, recharge and test for just £255 including the vat from November 2016 until the end of March 2017.

Still dealing with the Alhambra, Sharan and Galaxy diesel models, these often suffer from a fractured suction pipe. We have fabricated a redesigned pipe for this which overcomes the design faults of this VW component. For this new part, including fitting and recharging the car the total cost up from November 2016 until the end of March 2017 is just £180.00 including the vat. This is probably less than half what you may have been quoted for replacing the faulty pipe and recharging the system and we believe that our pipe to be a better solution, not merely cheaper.

Mercedes C220 cdi often suffer from condensers which have leaked. A replacement condenser of OE (Original Equipment) quality can be supplied, fitted and recharged to our high standard for £355.00 including vat from November 2016 until the end of March 2017.

Peugeot 206 condensers are a fairly common replacement item after a few years use but fortunately they are relatively inexpensive to replace. From November 2016 until the end of March 2017 we can supply, fit and recharge these for only £132.00 including vat.

Both Peugeot 307 and Citroen C4 fitted with climate control have a common problem which results in cold air to one side but very hot air to the other. Depending on which make and which side is affected costs vary only slightly but can be from £50 including vat from November 2016 to the end of March 2017. We have also seen models in which both sides have failed, one after the other - the resulting cost to repair both sides is £70 including vat and if a full recharge is required at the same time then this could be done for an addition of £45 including vat

Many Vauxhall Astras and Zafiras and some Corsas and some Merivas and one model Tigra suffer from a problem which results in the AC packing up completely. Owners are probably told by the Main Stealer that they need a new compressor that will cost them enough to justify a second mortgage. We can however remove the compressor and replace the failed component to get these to work again. From November 2016 until the end of March 2017 we are happy to offer this for £144.00 including vat and this of course includes a full recharge. If you own the diesel version it will cost very slightly more due to the very congested engine compartment.

Staying with the Vauxhall marque we have seen several small diesel Corsa's with a leaking pipe which is surprisingly expensive to replace. We have a way to repair this pipe without breaking the bank.

Similarly with many Volvos the compressor can wear heavily so that reshimming or replacement is the only option which can prove quite costly. We have an innovative solution. The difficulty depends on the model and engine combination but for example the V70 with the 2.3 turbo engine - we could restore this AC system to full working order, including a complete recharge for £122 including vat from November 2016 until the end of March 2017. Most other Volvo models should be similar in price but speak to us for confirmation - if it doesn't need a recharge then the cost might be even less.

Mitsubishi Pajeros are deservedly very popular in this corner of England. Many of the long wheel base models suffer from an identical fault which results in the refrigerant leaking out over a few weeks or months. We can repair this usual fault for £35 including vat from November 2016 until the end of March 2017 and then the system will need recharging, the later models need a longer section of pipe replaced and cost a little more. For a post 1993 model (using R134a refrigerant) this means that the whole repair and recharge could be done for £93.00 including vat. The earlier, pre '94 model Pajeros are still very common but use the earlier R12 refrigerant however. These can be repaired for the same amount but will cost a little more to recharge but not a lot more. It is better to see the installation and to assess then which is the most economic way to proceed.

Kia Sedonas have some of the same problems as many other cars generally such as a leaking condenser. This is a fairly straightforward repair and not too costly but the Sedona can also suffer from a leak in the pipework underneath the car which feeds the aircon to the rear of the cabin. Because of the way that this is constructed, the replacement of one or more of these pipes can sometimes prove surprisingly costly. We have repaired several of these models in an innovative way which is a permanent solution but far less expensive. If your car suffers from the same problem then this repair and the subsequent recharge costs £178 including Vat from November 2016 until the end of March 2017.

Some of the later Land Rover Discovery have AC to the rear of the car. Frequently the pipes to the rear part of the AC system develop leaks thus immobilising the whole AC system of course. Replacement of these pipes can be surprisingly expensive. We have a much cheaper solution for most of these leak problems. It varies from model to model but always worth a look at, it is of course a permanent solution, not a "quick fix".

Mini Bus - we are often asked if we could add AC to the rear section of a minibus that has AC only in the front. We usually say that we do not do that sort of thing but early in 2014 we did install a suitable rear AC in a Ducato vehicle. I happened to come across the owner/driver later in the year on a particularly hot day and he was so enthusiastic about this extra cooling. During the winter time only we would consider repeating this for other owners if we thought the front AC was capable of running a dual system. As this may take several days to complete this is only available only at our Ebbsfleeet workshop and only between October and March.

Have you a car in which the AC has not worked for ages? Your assumption may be that it is not worth the possible large cost to resurrect it. You may be pleasantly surprised that all it may need is a recharge, we often find this. If there is a more serious problem like a leak or an electrical problem which may be expensive to resolve then you can stop right there - it may cost you only £20 to have us diagnose what is wrong with the system if we are able to fit this in economically with other journeys from November 2016 until the end of March 2017. I frequently find that this applies especially to older Jaguars. Designed as they are to have AC, they tend to be very uncomfortable in hot weather if the AC is no longer working yet the problems are usually very predictable and often not particularly expensive to overcome. Driving locally I see that there are still a very large number of cars which are around ten years old. Maybe these are second cars used merely for local shopping trips where the air conditioning may rarely be used and it matters little anyway but some may be like our own car which still makes the occasional long journey on fast roads (in our case also to the Mediterranean) where the AC is an important function for the comfort and safety of the occupants. During the winter is an ideal time to cheaply assess whether a repair is needed and how much it might cost.

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