Problems with your auto airconditioning - The Area we try to cover

If your car air conditioning requires service we may be able to help if you are in south east England. There is a full list of PostCodes below for the area that we cover. Please notice however that during the summer months we are able to tackle a much smaller area than there is time for during winter. Please scroll down the page to see the area and postcodes we do cover.

The south and east of England, UK
We do NOT cover all of this area - please read below

This map shows much of the southern half of England. The area coloured purple in the rectangle above consists mostly of the counties of Kent and Sussex. We do not cover all of this area - please look at the map of Kent below the Post Code Table to see the area that we do cover.

During spring and summer our service area will be from Blackheath in South East London, keeping to the south of the River Thames going eastwards into Kent as far as Faversham then south west to Lenham and now in a gentle curve westward which takes in Headcorn, Marden, Tonbridge, Oxted, now north east through Warlingham, New Addington, Beckenham, Catford to Blackheath again. Please see the area coloured light yellow on the larger scale map below to get an idea of this area if you are not familiar with the place names.

During the winter months our service area extends from South East London, to the south of the River Thames going eastwards into Kent as far as Faversham, then south to Ashford, now back west to Royal Tunbridge Wells right near the border with Sussex, north east to Croydon and then north into London again as far as the Congestion Charging Zone border, keeping the A23 as our general westerly border although once in London keeping to the SE Postal codes, not the SW. In other words, much of the county of Kent and a little of SE London. The area we try to cover during Spring and Summertime is much reduced, please see the paragraph above for more details.

The area we cover in Autumn and Winter months is shown within the green line on the map below the Post Code Table. We are constantly asked if we can service towns in east Kent beyond our normal operating area. During the winter months we do occasionally have time to go as far as the Kent coast but unfortunately this would incur an additional charge of up to £16 for each visit to cover the extra mileage costs.

The area shown in light yellow is the area covered during the spring and summer months.

If you are outside our normal area there is now the possibility of bringing your car into our small workshop in Northfleet. This must be booked in first. Please see the directions to this workshop as the Postcode will NOT get you all the way there - click here

TOWN Postal Each Each Spring and
  Code Autumn/Winter Summer
Central Bromley BR1 Yes Yes
Keston BR2 Yes Yes
Beckenham BR3 Yes Yes
West Wickham BR4 Yes Yes
St Pauls Cray BR5 Yes Yes
Orpington BR6 Yes Yes
Chislehurst BR7 Yes Yes
Swanley BR8 Yes Yes
Green St Green BR9 Yes Yes
East Croydon CR0 Yes No
South Croydon CR2 Yes No
Caterham CR3 Yes No
Mitcham CR4 No No
Coulsdon CR5 Yes No
Warlingham CR6 Yes No
Thornton Heath CR7 Yes No
Kenley CR8 Yes No
East Croydon CR9 Yes No
Canterbury CT1 No No
Canterbury North, Sturry CT2 No No
Wingham CT3 No No
Petham CT4 No No
Whitstable CT5 Yes No
Herne Bay CT6 Yes No
Birchington CT7 No No
Westgate CT8 No No
Margate CT9 No No
Broadstairs CT10 No No
Ramsgate - Central CT11 No No
Ramsgate - Minster CT12 No No
Sandwich CT13 No No
Deal CT14 No No
Dover - North West CT15 No No
Dover - Central and Harbour CT16 No No
Dover - West CT17 No No
Folkestone - Capel-le-Ferne CT18 No No
Folkestone - Cheriton CT19 No No
Folkestone - Central CT20 No No
Hythe CT21 No No
Dartford - Central DA1 Yes Yes
Dartford - East, Stone DA2 Yes Yes
Hartley DA3 Yes Yes
Farningham DA4 Yes Yes
Bexley DA5 Yes Yes
Bexleyheath DA6 Yes Yes
Northumberland Heath DA7 Yes Yes
Erith DA8 Yes Yes
Greenhithe DA9 Yes Yes
Swanscombe DA10 Yes Yes
Gravesend DA11 Yes Yes
Gravesend East DA12 Yes Yes
Istead Rise, Meopham DA13 Yes Yes
Crayford DA14 Yes Yes
Sidcup DA15 Yes Yes
Welling DA16 Yes Yes
Belvedere DA17 Yes Yes
West of Erith DA18 Yes Yes
Rochester ME1 Yes Yes
Rochester ME2 Yes Yes
High Halstow ME3 Yes Yes
Chatham ME4 Yes Yes
Walderslade ME5 Yes Yes
Snodland ME6 Yes Yes
Gillingham ME7 Yes Yes
Rainham ME8 Yes Yes
Sittingbourne - Central and Iwade ME9 Yes Yes
Sittingbourne - South, Kemsley ME10 Yes Yes
Queenborough ME11 Yes Yes
Sheerness ME12 Yes Yes
Faversham ME13 Yes Yes
Maidstone NE ME14 Yes Yes
Loose ME15 Yes Yes
Barming ME16 Yes Yes
Harrietsham ME17 Yes Yes
East Peckham ME18 Yes Yes
West Malling ME19 Yes Yes
Aylesford ME20 Yes Yes
Godstone RH9 Yes Yes
Waterloo SE1 No No
Abbey Wood SE2 Yes Yes
Blackheath SE3 Yes Yes
Brockley SE4 Yes No
Camberwell SE5 Yes No
Catford SE6 Yes Yes
Charlton SE7 Yes Yes
Deptford SE8 Yes No
Eltham SE9 Yes Yes
Greenwich SE10 Yes No
Kennington SE11 Yes No
Lee SE12 Yes No
Lewisham SE13 Yes No
New Cross SE14 Yes No
Peckham SE15 Yes No
Rotherhithe SE16 Yes No
Walworth SE17 Yes No
Woolwich SE18 Yes Yes
Upper Norwood SE19 Yes No
Anerley SE20 Yes No
Dulwich SE21 Yes No
East Dulwich SE22 Yes No
Forest Hill SE23 Yes No
Herne Hill SE24 Yes No
South Norwood SE25 Yes No
Sydenham SE26 Yes No
West Norwood SE27 Yes No
Thamesmead SE28 Yes Yes
North Sutton SM1 No No
South Cheam SM2 No No
North Cheam SM3 No No
Morden SM4 No No
Carshalton SM5 No No
Wallington SM6 No No
Banstead SM7 No No
Brixton SW2 No No
North Tunbridge Wells TN1 Yes No
Pembury TN2 Yes No
South Tunbridge Wells TN3 Yes No
Southborough TN4 Yes No
Wadhurst TN5 No No
Crowborough TN6 No No
Hartfield TN7 No No
Edenbridge TN8 No No
Tonbridge TN9 Yes Yes
North Tonbridge TN10 Yes Yes
Central Tonbridge TN11 Yes Yes
Paddock Wood TN12 Yes Yes
Riverhead TN13 Yes Yes
Chipstead TN14 Yes Yes
Ightham TN15 Yes Yes
Westerham TN16 Yes Yes
Cranbrook TN17 Yes No
Hawkhurst TN18 Yes No
Etchingham TN19 No No
Mayfield TN20 No No
Heathfield TN21 No No
Uckfield TN22 No No
Great Chart TN23 Yes No
Ashford East TN24 Yes No
Kennington TN25 Yes No
Bethersden TN26 Yes No
Pluckley TN27 Yes No
New Romney TN28 Yes No
Rommey Marsh TN29 No No
Tenterden TN30 Yes No
Rye TN31 No No
Robertsbridge TN32 No No
Battle TN33 No No
Hastings TN34 No No
Hastings TN35 No No
Winchelsea TN36 No No
St Leonards TN37 No No
St Leonards TN38 No No
Bexhill TN39 No No
Bexhill TN40 No No
The area we cover in summer time

Post Codes for the area we cover in the Winter time (see also the table of Post Codes above and also for Summer time) :-

All of the following postcodes -

Apart from the usual regassing service we alway use an electronic leak detector to genuinely detect any leaking refrigerant (not just rely on the ability to hold on vacuum to assume that the aircon system will not leak). In addition we frequently use a UV sensitive dye to show the presence of a leak. To further assist in finding leaks we used compressed Nitrogen gas. We also have a very sophisticated system which uses the smallest molecule in the Periodic Table to detect really tiny leaks.

There are many outlets now that are perfectly willing to recharge the AC system with refrigerant but are not interested or capable if the system will not function or performs only poorly. Often they do not even realise that the refrigerant they have just charged into a system is escaping slowly, nor do they care, if the car leaves with the AC working better than when it arrived and the owner has paid up they feel that their work is done. As a result much of our work now consists of righting the wrongs of systems left faulty by poor workmanship.

We are able to make many pipe and hose repairs and to replace damaged or faulty components such as compressors, condensers, receiver driers or accumumulators, expansion valves, hoses, pressure switches, pressure sensors, fans, blowers and speed reducing modules or resistances. Where necessary we are able to flush debris from damaged compressors clear of the AC system before replacing with new components. Many parts can be sourced from our specialist suppliers at surprising rates for brand new parts, please check before committing yourself to secondhand parts.

We convert many older cars with R12 (Freon) systems to use the newer R134a refrigerant or if required to use an alternative R12 replacement gas.

Like any other idiot we can be sure that by adding some refrigerant to most AC systems we can make it at least 10% colder. Our expertise is in making sure that it stays that way for several years and not just for a few days.

We were considering making the occasional foray into south Essex as we receive so many requests from there. Although only a few miles from our base the presence of the Dartford Crossing with the frequent delays there makes it difficult to plan our day effectively. If you live in this area it might be worth giving us ring but only during the winter time or if you were able to travel to our workshop (just a few hundred yards south of the Thames). As the expertise and equipment for the brand new refrigerant R1234yf is still so rare we are prepared to travel north of the Thames to workshops for recovery (degassing), leak testing and recharging of R1234yf in both winter and summer-time.

If you are outside our normal operating area please click here then on one of the general areas listed where we hope to suggest to you another aircon technician who covers that territory and who may be able to help.

We do now have another alternative. From spring 2015 we have started a small workshop not far from Ebbsfleet International Station to enable us to tackle some tasks that would be difficult on an owners front drive and also to enable some repairs and installations to larger vehicles. If you want to come to us then phone first for an appointment and for directions to this workshop (directions also on the Contact Page but do first make an appointment).

If you have been sufficiently wise to have your AC system looked at before the normal summer rush and if you are only just outside our normal range it may be worth e-mailing me as sometimes at this time of the year we have the time to venture a little further afield

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